PAWS'itive Pals uses methods of training your dog that are tested, patented and trademarked.  When you join the Pal Pack you can feel assured that you are gaining knowledge as to how to work with your furfamily with compassion and care, with respect and reverence, and most of all in the language that your dog is speaking.

Skilled trainer, Lauren Claire Hayes, gained her experience in working with one of the largest service animal providers in the nation, Canine Support Teams.  That coupled with her education in animal behavior and business led to the establishment of PAWS'itive Pals.  As a Nevada County native, Lauren opted to open her business in a community that owns her heart.

At PAWS'itive Pals we believe that a healthy dog lives a balanced life full of people, places, things, and of course other pack members! Dogs are pack animals and to live a long and healthy life exercise is important.  Daytime Socialization Classes offer the perfect way to exhaust your pal and ensure your dog is behaviorally balanced with other canine companions.

Not all dogs are the same, trainings are individualized to ensure that the lessons are understood. When a dog is ready to graduate a level of training from PAWS'itive Pals they are tested in real-life scenarios.