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Seasonal Q and A

Why worry about your pal dragging in the mud?

Why worry about the responsibility of exercising your dog when the inclement weather strikes?

What does PAWS’itive Pals Dog Training do during such weather?

Please continue to book your appointments online at, after you book you will receive a confirmation email the night before class. Even those that are on a regular schedule, please do this.

Below are the answers to commonly asked Questions:

Are you open when it rains?


Dogs never stop needing exercise and training. Staff dresses appropriately for this weather, and should the pals need a break from the rain we seek refuge for indoor games in Davinci's Haven. It is covered and heated. We play indoor games and really harness the skills of basic obedience in close quarters.

Do you permit rain jackets and boots?

Yes, clothing is permitted, however please note that pals do play, clothing enters does at your risk, as it can be torn while the pals are active.

*This is not the place to learn how to wear these items, if you need to teach your dog ask us for suggestions.

How do the dogs respond to the rain?

They play like any other day. The pals that tend to not enjoy the rain learn to do so from the other pack members.

What do you do if there is thunder?

The Pal Pack immediately goes to Davinci's Haven, all pals are tethered to the benches in the gazebo and engaged in indoor activities. Pals that are experiencing anxiety will be provided food/treat related games. As always, the pals will all be monitored closely.

What about the mud?

We will rinse and lightly towel dry your pal (this is not a bath, it does not incude soap), please note the pick up time of your dog to the handler when dropping off your dog. Please give us a 10 minute grace period for this part of your service.

What do you do about snow?

Dogs love the snow, and so do we! We base our closures with the Grass Valley School District, tune into your local media radio station (Star 94.1FM, KNCO, and KVMR, or on

At what temperature do you close?

The temperature in Davinci’s Haven is just like that of your home.  If we or the pack start to get too cold, we retreat and refresh.