You can reach a dog that has failed obedience class three times, she now is wonderful and so obedient.
— Cynthia (Obedience levels 1 and 2)

Not ALL dogs are the Same- all patrons start here.

Initial Evaluation

First time? Start here. Call it a deluxe meet-and-greet.
We require an on-site evaluation of your dog’s behavior and temperament (without you). We do this to maximize their learning and safety during their stay and play.

Sign up for an initial evaluation during a Behavioral Management Daytime Socialization Class, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The session typically lasts 4.5 hours, from 7:30 to Noon, or 12:30 to 5:00.

Did you register your dog and email vet records?

Please provide your pal with a properly-sized silicone muzzle and collar (if you answered yes to any of the behavioral questions on the registration form).

Following this session, we will determine the best training plan for your dog and notify you at pick-up which classes fit their needs.

If your animal has been deemed potentially dangerous by Animal Control, please indicate this on your registration. We will not turn you away for this, but for everyone’s safety we need you to be exceedingly honest.

If you have more than one dog, we ask that each dog comes on separate days to maximize their learning potential.

Up to $65/session

To schedule an initial evaluation CLICK HERE.

Socialization Class (Full/Half-day)

As your pal becomes fully-integrated into the pack, we may ask you to choose this class. This class reinforces good pal pack manners, exercise, and play. Like in all classes, the pack will practice ignoring the fence line, ignoring the ruff stuff, and much less barking but much more games with people and dogs. This eclectic exposure is the foundation of a confident, happy pal that is capable of responding to the world with a wag!

People who book this service might:

  • Need a safe place for their pal while they leave town for the day.

  • Have a dog needing more exercise than they can offer.

  • Were told by a veterinarian that their dog needs to lose some weight.

  • Want to expose their dog to a healthy, playful environment.

$35/full day (7:30 to 5:30)

$20/morning (7:30 to 12:30)

$20/afternoon (12:30 to 5:30)

To Book Half Day Daytime Socialization Class Click Here

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House Sitting

Are you leaving town and want your pal to stay with a caregiver in your home.  We are licensed, bonded and insured to do so.  While you are away you will receive daily pictures of your pal(s).  But it is not just about the dog, we will care for all your pets and plants.

Rates differ due to the amount of animals and property in our care.  Schedule and orientation with one of our staff to learn more. 

This package can be coupled with the Daytime Socialization Classes on-site.

Rates start at $40/day

To book this off-site service please use the contact us form,
email us at,
or send us a text message at +1(530)615-PAWS (7297)

Daily Check-in

Are you stealing some time out of town and you don't need us to stay in your home, just stop by, feed and play?  We offer this service to many of our clients. You must be within 10 miles of downtown Grass Valley to use this service. 

Rates start at $25/day

To book this off-site service CLICK HERE

Private Walk

During this private session in your neighborhood, we teach your pal loose-lead walking.  Our skilled trainers work diligently to keep your dog focused through common distractions.  This is a great way for your pal to learn loose lead walking without you.  At the end of each walk you will receive instruction to facilitate good leash behavior.


To book this off-site service please use the CONTACT US form.

Board and Train

Are you leaving town and need your pals to have a safe and interactive place to stay?

This service includes a half-daytime socialization on your day of arrival. The service is booked in 12-hour intervals, so you don’t pay for when your pal isn’t staying.

What do your pals receive?

  • A warm and inviting semi-private insulated pawddock with private outdoor yard during the day.

  • Two 15 minute play sessions that are separate from feeding times.

  • Elevated water and food bowls.

  • You choose how often your pal joins in for the Daytime Socialization Classes at a discounted rate.


    To Book your pal’s on-site stay CLICK HERE


Pack Walk

A skilled trainer picks up your pal at home and takes them for a pack walk at one of the various trails in Nevada County.  Packs vary in size, giving your dog diverse socialization while learning recall in new surroundings. 

Loose-lead walking training/semi private walks are a prerequisite of this service.


Contact us to book.

OBEDIENCE TRACK 1 Group Training

Do you have a new puppy, furfamily member, or a rescue that you want to train?  Our methods are strictly paws'itive reinforcement, and we encourage you to leave the treats at home after your first lesson!

Groups meet for one hour, on the same day, every week for five weeks.

Note: We run several groups, each held on various days of the week. Be sure to select the group based on the days you want to attend when booking.

This course includes the following commands:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Watch Me

  • Leave It

  • Foundation for loose lead walking


To enroll your pal CLICK HERE

OBEDIENCE TRACK 2 Group Training

This course is an advanced extension of the OBEDIENCE TRACK 1, which is a prerequisite for this course. 

This advanced course includes the following commands:

  • All basic commands with distraction and at a greater distance

  • Loose lead walking

  • Place

  • Retrieval

  • and so much more!


Behavioral Management Classes

Is your dog new to the pal pack? Does your dog display aggression toward other people? Toward other dogs?  Is it fearful or aggressive? Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of the behavioral questions on our registration? Does your dog experience outbursts of unwanted behavior?

The Behavioral Management Daytime Socialization is highly structured and designed to integrate any dog with a diverse pack. We use very stable dogs to reinforce proper pack behavior, neutralizing over-shy and reactive dogs, and bringing balance to the pack. We provide constant obedience reinforcement in the presence of highly-skilled trainers. We use positive reinforcement to earn the trust and co-operation of all dogs. Consistency is key to unlocking the best behavior in your dog.

The private one-on-one option is perfect for high-needs dogs. During one-long intervals, we can help redirect you and your pal in a better direction by teaching you how to properly respond to a variety of problematic scenarios.  In this course, you will work on basic obedience commands during a private one-on-one with a highly-skilled trainer.

As usual, if you have more than one dog you must schedule each separately to start as we want the pal to have the greatest of success and not be influenced by their pack member(s). Please also register each dog on separate days of Behavioral Modification Daytime Socialization Classes.

All dogs that are registered for this class must arrive in a muzzle, a collar and a harness, with two leads.  If your dog has been deemed potentially dangerous, dangerous or viscous by Animal Control please note this on your registration.

Private One Hour Session - $85/hr

One on One Training Schedule CLICK HERE

Behavioral Socialization - $65/half-day

All dogs can sign up for Behavioral Management Daytime Socialization Class CLICK HERE.


Therapy Animal Evaluation/training

Do you want to use your pal to serve others in our community? Take your dog to Family Court to relieve the stress and facilitate a good attitude of those in attendance?  Do you want your pal to help children learn to read?  Do you want to visit convalescent homes or hospitals?  We can help you.  

Evaluation of your Pal in a public situation $85/dog

One-on-one  training sessions to accomplish your goal $85/session

Service Animal Training

Not all patrons have the same needs from their service animal, please submit the CONTACT US form to get started.