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DAYtime socialization Class/Half-Day Socialization Class

This is a package that is recommended for any pal. Most pet parents try to protect their animals from situations that would cause them to feel frightened or anxious. Our burden as pet dog owners is to teach our dog(s) how to cope and respond in many diverse situations. Dogs will come in contact with a large spectrum of people, places, and other animals during their lifetime. They need to know how to act in a healthy and acceptable manner. At PAWS'itive Pals we set that foundation for you!

Why some of our patrons use this service:

  • Leaving town for the day and need a safe place for their pal to stay.

  • The dog needs more exercise than they can offer.

  • The veterinarian has told the pet parent that their dog needs to lose some weight.

  • The pet parent is unable to meet the social needs of their dog.

Daytime Socialization Class 7:30 to 5:30 $35/day

Half Daytime Socialization Class 7:30-12:30 or 12:30 to 5:30 $20/day

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House Sitting

Are you leaving town and want your pal to stay with a caregiver in your home.  We are licensed, bonded and insured to do so.  While you are away you will receive daily pictures of your pal(s).  But it is not just about the dog, we will care for all your pets and plants.

Rates differ due to the amount of animals and property in our care.  Schedule and orientation with one of our staff to learn more. 

This package can be coupled with the Daytime Socialization Classes.

Rates start at $40/day

Daily Check-in

Are you stealing some time out of town and you don't need us to stay in your home, just stop by, feed and play?  We offer this service to many of our clients. You must be within 10 miles of downtown Grass Valley to use this service. 

Rates start at $25/day

Private Walk

When we take your pal for a walk they are taught the skills of loose-lead walking.  The walk is through your neighborhood, and our skilled trainers work diligently to keep your dog focused through common distractions.  This is a great way for your pal to learn loose lead walking without you.  At the end of each walk you will receive instruction to facilitate good leash behavior.

Rates $60/walk


Your pal is picked up by a skilled trainer and taken for a pack walk at one of the various trails in Nevada County.  The packs vary in size, this gives your dog the experience with other dogs, as well as learning recall in new surroundings.  Loose-lead walking training/semi private walks are a prerequisite of this service.



Do you have a new puppy or rescue that you want to train?  Our methods are strictly paws'itive reinforcement, and we encourage you to leave the treats at home!

This course is 5 weeks and includes the following commands:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Watch Me

  • Leave It

  • Foundation for loose lead walking


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OBEDIENCE Track 2 training

This course is an expansion of the OBEDIENCE TRACK 1 which is a prerequisite for this course.  The commands you will learn;

  • All basic commands with distraction and at a greater distance

  • Loose lead walking

  • Place

  • Retrieval

  • and so much more!


Behavioral management

Does your dog display aggression toward other people? Does your dog display aggression toward other dogs?  This package can help get you and your pal in a better direction.  We teach you how to properly respond to these scenarios.  In this course you will work on basic obedience commands in a very small group setting.  If you have more than one dog you must register your dogs in separate classes to start them off, and you must also register for separate days of Daytime Socialization Classes, as we want the pal to have the greatest of success and not be influenced by their pack member(s).

All dogs that are registered for this class must arrive in a muzzle, a collar and a harness, with two leads.  If your dog has been deemed potentially dangerous, dangerous or viscous by Animal Control please note on your registration.

For the best success in behavioral management after completion of this course register your pal for Daytime Socialization Classes as a special needs pal, usually your pal will be integrating and playing with a pack within 4 visits.  Once your pal graduates and is no longer considered special needs we recommend attending the Daytime Socialization Classes for maintenance.


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All Daytime Special Needs clients must book their Daytime Socialization Classes by phone/email/text/with a trainer.


Canine Good Citizenship training

This course is an expansion of both Basic Obedience Tracks.  All sessions are one-on-one and challenge you and your pal in various situations to challenge your pal's ability to work with distractions.

Classes start in the comfort of your own home with a skilled trainer.

If you have met the prerequisites of both Obedience Tracks then there is a discount for this service.


Therapy Animal Evaluation/training

Do you want to use your pal to serve others in our community? Take your dog to Family Court to relieve the stressors and facilitate a good attitude of those in attendance?  Do you want your pal to help children learn to read?  Do you want to visit convalescent homes or hospitals?  We can help you.  

Evaluation of your Pal in a public situation $85/dog

One-on-one  training sessions to accomplish your goal $85/session

Service Animal Training

Not patrons have the same needs from their service animal, please submit the CONTACT US form to get started.

You can reach a dog that has failed obedience class three times, she now is wonderful and so obedient.
— Cynthia (Obedience levels 1 and 2)